Rotary Compressor
  • Production starting 1989

Rotary Compressor


The Samsung rotary fixed compressor carries the highest proven track record for reliability and quality from global air conditioner industries while featuring high efficiency and reduced sound qualities. The rotary compressor is continuously being developed, not only to explore the newest technological capabilities; but also to improve and reach its most successful outcomes, when working with its applications. Quietly operated with an optimal pump, the BLDC rotary compressor not only demonstrates advanced efficiency but also carries an excellent performance record. This compressor works well with and is best suited for heat pump, air conditioning, and commercial cooling applications.

For over decades, SAMSUNG Rotary Constant speed compressors have been an industry leader in Air Conditioner and commercial refrigeration. Highly efficient of SAMSUNG continues to exceed customer’s expectations with our quality standards and the most advanced technology.

SAMSUNG Variable Speed of Rotary compressor offers highly efficient quietly operated and reduced energy consumed features. The excellent performance record of SAMSUNG BLDC compressor offers a variety of applications for commercial refrigeration and HVAC industry.

While the Fixed speed compressor always runs electricity at 100%, wasting unnecessary energy, Inverter Rotary Compressor precisely controls its speed to deliver only as much cooling air as needed, which effectively saves a large amount of energy.


Mini Compressor Provides Unparalled Performance

Lightweight and diminutive in size, the mini rotary compressor is designed to fit the most compact and condensed refrigeration systems. With the slightest vibration and 40% less noise, the T20 with a twin pump and a BLDC motor offers high efficiency and variable speed. The series of T20 39 and 44 is well suited for a wide range of applications, this includes, but is not limited to: mobile refrigeration, transport A/C (with engine not in use), telecom battery cooling, photo-tonic chiller, cooling box for a maritime, mobile seat cooler, and compact appliance dryer.