Reciprocating Compressor
  • First production in 1976

Reciprocating Compressor


Samsung constant speed compressor provides high energy efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly features. Achieving an excellent performance history for global household refrigerators and freezers, they are a primary necessity within the light commercial industries. While proven less noisy, Samsung variable speed compressors have the ability to save energy up to 35%, minimizing the electrical bill. Inverter controlled, the BLDC compressors have the ability to alter temperature very rapidly, providing optimal freshness for both, convenience and comfort.

Variable Speed Compressor

Samsung Digital Inverter Compressor is a global leader in the household appliance industry. With its ultra-compact size, it is designed with high efficiency, a wide range of cooling capacity, quiet, and less vibration.

Cooling Performance

Digital Inverter Compressor maintains a set temperature with a small deviation by automatically adjusting its speed within 5 levels in response to temperature change. With the quick feedback cooling, DIC keeps the optimal freshness for long.